The Newest Development in Orthodontics is 3D Digital Imaging

The most important thing in medicine is a proper diagnosis. This holds true with dentistry as well and that is why 3-D imaging is such a powerful tool in orthodontics. Seeing the face and tooth structure in three dimensions, gives the orthodontist an unparalleled ability to accurately diagnose each case. That is why our office now provides this cutting edge technology, the CBCT (Cone Beam Computerized Tomography) scanner to all our patients.


CBCT is quickly becoming the standard of care in dentistry, because of accuracy of the image and the ability to see structures in three dimensions that have never before been possible. With traditional two dimensional radiographs, a clinician can only interpolate where he thinks certain structures are in relation to other structures, i.e. impacted teeth relative to roots of adjacent teeth. Our state-of-the-art CBCT scanner (PaX-Reve3D by Vatech America™) along with our advanced imaging software from Anatomage Inc. (InvivoDental™) changes all that.

Records of all our patients are now taken in our state of the art facility.


These records include 3-D digital imaging by our CBCT scanner and digital photographs. With the advent of this new cutting edge technology, we can now create a digital replica of your teeth from the 3-D digital image. These new technologies can combine the 3-D digital image and the digital photograph to create a single virtual 3-D file called an Anatomodel™. This file creates, with incredible accuracy, a facial map, craniofacial bones, roots, teeth, TMJ, airway and sinuses all on a single integrated platform.



This Anatomodel™ file can then be deconstructed into separate parts to evaluate individual structures as necessary. Soft tissue morphing and virtual treatment outcomes can be performed using very sophisticated software to forecast treatment results. This is especially useful in jaw surgery (orthognathic) patients.


Digital models are now created right from the 3-D digital image. Not only are we able to reproduce the patient's teeth digitally in 3-D, but we can view the root position, bone level and move the teeth individually to help forecast how the corrected bite will look and function. The ability to see how the roots move relative to the crowns of the teeth has never before been possible until now. This now gives us a wonderful tool to help treatment plan your case.


Your individualized treatment is important to us and that is why we use the most advanced technology and personalized care to provide you with the highest quality of orthodontic care available.